I'm really surprised at the other review on this site (looks like one bad perspective, and 2 of their friends).
Our experience with MCS was stellar. I've used them for a large and a small project, and I've since recommended them to a few friends and colleagues - 2 of them went through with projects and had similar, positive experiences. The modular addition was a great approach and Christian was a highly responsive contractor. We added nearly 1000 square feet to our house, and only had to spend a weekend at a friend's house, saving us a TON of money (if our addition would have been built onsite, we'd have had to rent an apartment for a longer stretch). We tried a number of contractors and really were met with very sketchy folks, scarce referrals, and questionable estimates - and that's if they got back to us at all. Christian called us back EVERY time, was straightforward with what costs would be, was spot-on with our estimate, and though time ran a bit longer than promised, there were hiccups in the process on our end and on theirs - and really, with any large project, you have to expect that. Throughout MCS was honest and transparent about it all, which we really appreciated. We love our addition, and MCS still checks in with us after over a year to see how things are going. In looking at the other review, I'm left wondering if they were realistic about all that goes into a big addition. With any large project, you have to have some expectation of complications If you are looking for someone who will be responsive, honest, and not disappear in the middle of a project (I've heard nightmare stories about other contractors) and really diligent in following up, MCS is all that and more. I can't say enough about how happy we are with their work.
Date published: 05/01/2018
5 / 5 stars