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In many parts of the Northeast, particularly in highly concentrated upscale urban areas, many homeowners are turning to Modular and discovering the tremendous advantages of a Teardown/Rebuild and adding a second-story addition to the existing home.

You enjoy living in your present neighborhood. Your family has established ties in the schools and church, and you have neighbors that have become very good friends. You're familiar and secure in your surroundings and you don’t want to move.

Given this scenario, our clients usually have two options:

  • Remodel their present home, or
  • Tear down their existing home and re-build a new home on their existing property.

Traditionally, many people have opted to remodel, but that option has become, in many cases, financially unsound. After doing the research and cost analysis, many of our clients have found it to be more economical to build a new home. Not only can this save you money in the long run, but also you are building a new home that meets your family’s exact specifications. You can truly build "the home of your dreams" when given the opportunity to design a customized home.

We generally can have your family back in your new home within a matter of months. Many major re-modeling or modular additions projects take a good year to complete, and the family is frustrated because everything is "torn-up" for months at a time. New construction is often a "cleaner" deal, in that, you know up front exactly what you’re spending, how much you are financing and your move in date. Working on time and within your budget is the one of the major advantages of  Modular re-builds.

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